Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 4, 5, 6 and 7

No, no.  I haven't forgotten my challenge.  It's just that I've been distracted.
First by pain (see post 2 or 3), then by a weekend away and back to pain again.

At the moment, sitting at a computer is one of the least comfortable positions for me...so I'll keep this brief!

4th unexpected upside to not being a mother:
When I go places, I only have to bring what I need or might need.  And maybe a little what Sariel might need.  I don't have to carry snacks, extra snacks, diapers, cream, small amusing objects or anything I don't need or want!!!

5th unexpected upside to not being a mother:
Perhaps irritatingly similar to point #1 - I have endless amounts of patience for kids (especially adolescents) and they have endless amounts of patience for me.  I know it's precisely because I'm not their mother that they will put up with me fawning all over them and refocusing them on homework when they are trying to distract themselves...but I have to admit, I really enjoy it!!!  Yes, I do feel the teensiest bit guilty as I watch their parents look on with envy as I carelessly interact with the same 12 year old that has been giving them lip all day.  But really, what they get in the end is so much more huge than these little moments that I steal, I can't waste too much time on that eensy little bit of guilt.

6th unexpected upside to not being a mother:
When it comes to ethical dilemmas in my workplace, it is very difficult for parents not to 'think as parents'.  Without getting into too much detail about the type of work I do, this 'thinking as parents' can often be a liability when one is considering the rights of the child (rights...not 'best interests').  Although I have many important children in my life, I am not 'burdened', as it were, as my colleagues who are parents are by considering how these rights might apply to their own children.  And since my childless colleagues and I have to put up with the 'you wouldn't know since you don't have kids' thing all too often, I am embracing #6 with lots of gusto!!!!

7th unexpected upside of not being a mother:
I will always have pure, unadulterated, fantasy versions of what my child/ren would be like.  No messy reality to remind me that my child is not 100% perfect.  No, in our minds, our child is always just right!

Thanks for listening.

If you read between the lines you know I struggle still with parent envy.  This was my attempt to turn things on their head for a week.  Your participation was greatly appreciated!

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.