Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Quick post about a sucker punch

Thank you blog and blogosphere and anybody who's hanging on here.

Been having a lot of 'flashbacks' from out of the blue - including an extremely vivid image/memory of myself wracked by anguish after being told our 6th pregnancy ended when our baby died.  Sucker punch.  Not as potent as the first time around but where the heck did that come from while I was innocently walking down the street?

I'm hankering to work on my next one woman show - I have a scene.  So it was good for something other than knocking me off kilter for a day or two.

Then, good 'ol fa.cebo.ok again.  A friend.  Well, maybe more of an acquaintance from way back.  Reconnected on f.b and find we share similar interests and politics.  I'm thinking here's a cool woman who is childless - she's part of 'our club'.  Today she announced (in the neatest way) that she is expecting.

Happy for her?  Yes.  Blah, blah, blah.
Another one bites the dust.

How come our club isn't growing?  Not that I wish this membership on anyone who doesn't want it.

Anyway....2 in a series of suckerpunches I felt like sharing.

Getting back up - maybe going to keep my dukes up for a little while.