Sunday, January 1, 2012

Childless? Who's childless?

Looking back on the last few posts I realize I haven't written much about the kids we do have in our lives.  Reading back made me realize how child-full we are!  Not in a 'consolation prize' kind of it's own unique way.  In it's own particular way.

I thought I'd share a bunch of pictures of our 'kids'...certainly not an exhaustive rundown, but it'll give you a flavour. 



  1. OMG, you are totally surrounded by so many amazing kids! They're gorgeous. Wow. And it looks like you and Sariel enjoy them to the fullest. YAY!

    And KUDOS for the move to the new condo! I hope it goes smoothly and you embark on this next phase of your life together full of happiness and joy. How wonderful to have a special bracelet and carry that with you as you move forward with your life. Congratulations on the condo! Keep us posted on the big move too please! Hugs to you both. As always. :)

  2. Wow, that's a LOT of kids.

    That kind of childfulness is so special, both for you and for the kids. These kids are lucky to have you in their lives... and you them.