Thursday, December 23, 2010

Quick note

At work...working on child death reports.  It's a good subject for me, it turns out.  (probably more about that some time).

Anyway, just heard an interview with Annie Lennox who 'came out' as having lost a child.  It was powerful.  Crazy in a way isn't it?  We know how uncommonly common it is.  She took the opportunity to point that fact out.  How many women have experienced that pain.

Thanks, Annie.

To all who celebrate Christmas, I wish you many blessings, joy and happiness.

To all who celebrate the New Year:  much more of the same and peace and health.



  1. I knew about Annie Lennox, read it somewhere once. I'd love to hear/read what she had to say about it, though!

  2. Welcome back. I want to read more... so write it!
    I love your new look, it's so soothing and calm. Ah, I am so chilled out right now.