Sunday, January 16, 2011

How do you spell relief?

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.



  1. Oh, wow. If you're glad, I'm glad, my dear. : )

    I understand! A few years ago at Christmastime, dear AF was late -- very late. We were at my parents' (of course!) -- I felt like crap (not to mention totally stressed out). I was also furious. I felt like I had just gotten used to the idea that I was never going to be a mother, thanks to my non-cooperative body -- & here was my body, jerking me around, yet AGAIN. ARGH.

    We wound up sneaking (like teenagers, instead of a middle-aged couple in their 40s) into a drugstore in the next town over (where I didn't think anyone would know who I was), with dh keeping lookout for my mom (who was shopping elsewhere in the same mall) while I bought a pregnancy test, trying not to look guilty & blush furiously in front of the sales clerk. I hid the bag with the test in my purse, and took it when both my parents were out of the house at one point. It was negative. I stashed the used test in our suitcase & threw it out once we got back home. AF finally showed up a few days later, on something like day 58 of my cycle. It was & still is my longest cycle ever.

    But the fact that I actually felt dismay & even a little anger at the prospect of pregnancy at this late stage of my reproductive life told me I really had moved on, more than I had realized.

  2. Phew! It is such a relief to get the *desired* answer on one of those things, whatever your desired answer is.