Monday, January 24, 2011

One of the crazy people

And I mean that in the best way, of course.

Cos, technically, I am a crazy person.  And proud of it.

But you know what I'm not so proud of?  

Being associated with this:  All childless people are potential criminals!!!   

None of us can know what made this woman take this child all those years ago.  But apparently the press knows.  She says she had several miscarriage.  Full stop.  End of sentence.

While I admit to experiencing stress, distress, mourning and, yes, depression as a result of my journey with infertility, I resent the implication that 'a few miscarriages' tells the whole story.

HELLO?!?!?!  Where is the rest of the story?  You accept that as fact???

Wait a minute. 

Instead of complaining maybe I need to recognize this as an opportunity!  

I mean, if people already think I'm crazy cos I had S.E.V.E.N. miscarriages, doesn't that give me carte blanche to go ahead and engage in criminal activity?  Insanity caused by multiple pregnancy loss, that could be my defense!! 

Maybe not so much, eh?



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  1. I read that story, & it pissed me off too. :(

    A couple of years back (just when I was starting my blog), there was an infant abducted from a hospital up north -- Sudbury or Kirkland Lake, I think? As soon as I heard about it, I thought, "PLEASE don't let her be infertile or a loss mom." And of course the women had had losses & was trying to keep her boyfriend by pretending she was pregnant with his child. :p ARGH.