Wednesday, November 28, 2012

DAY 2 of Unexpected Benefits of Not Being a Mom

Sheesh...almost like I was asking for it!

So here is a REALLY unexpected benefit of not being a Mom.

I threw my (already injured) back out last night.  


How?  I do not know.  Pain?  Oh yeah!

I have yet to find a 'pain free' position or posture.

The kind of back pain where you have to resort to major pain medication, heating pad and laying flat on your back.

So, here's the up side:  

No guilt!  

No torn allegiances.  

I don't have children I either have to force myself to get up for and take care  

OR feel guilty that they are going without necessary interaction  

OR that the burden lands fully on Sariel!

Just pain.

No guilt.

Did I mention the pain?



  1. Eeek! Sorry about the pain factor. Hope you're feeling better!

    Yeah, it definitely is nicer to be sick, feel pain, wanna crawl back in bed, etc., when you don't have to force yourself to be lucid and out of bed for someone else. (Oh those days when I'm sick; it's the miserableness from h*ll. Ugh.)

  2. I hope you're feeling better too! Definitely one of the advantages!

  3. Thanks for popping in Gil...and thanks for 'getting' these posts!!!
    You too, Loribeth!