Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Unexpected Benefits of Not Being a Mom - 7 posts in 7 days!

Here's my self-imposed challenge - try your own if you'd like!

I am going to post today and for the next six days about the unexpected benefits of being childless.  I look forward to this exercise with glee!

1.)  Staying 'cool'.

"Now what does that mean, Shlomit?"  (I know you're saying that...).
"I'm a mom and I'm cool."

But you're not.  Sorry.  You're a 'cool mom' maybe, yes.  But you are not 'cool'. 

And you are definitely not dope!

Although I may look outwardly like a 'mother', the kids in my life know I am not.  That puts me in a unique category.  They know a lot of mothers.  Most of their friends have mothers...sometimes two!  I am not one of 'those'.

Not me.  I am forever youthful.  Forever connected to childhood in a way that those that have children are not.  And kids know that.

(It's kind of like being an LGBTTQQ2SIA ally.  I can empathize. I can stand stand up for LGBTQ rights.  I have heard stories.  Heck, I've even been harassed for being gay.  But I'm not a member of the LGBTQ community.  I can stand alongside and cheer and be an ally.  That's my role.  I accept it.)

Tonight I am going on a date with a 15 year old friend of mine.  I have known her since birth and Sariel and I are very close to her parents and siblings.  She is currently going through adolescent angst hell.  She would rather eat rat poison than hang out with her parents.  Yet she is happily joining me tonight.  Happily.

And that's one of things that's great about not being a mom.



  1. LOVE this.

    And dammit... oh so true. :(

    While I still retain the "cool" factor with the kids in my life, alas, I am not "cool" anymore. And I'm darn sure I ain't dope.

    Boo!!! But hella YAY for you girl! I hope you enjoyed the evening out with the 15-year old?

  2. I'm not sure I'm "cool"... but just not being the parent makes me at least tolerable to some kids, I think. ; ) Hope you had fun!

  3. our date was AWESOME!!!!!! We both had a great time (me, despite my back pain and she, despite being seen in public with somebody who *might* be a parent). We're both looking forward to a repeat!!! Love that kid!!!